The Fables of Mother Carmika

The Fables of Mother Carmika - An Introduction by the Author

Well, if you've wandered into this section of my gallery, you're probably wondering about Mother Carmika and her fables. This is an ongoing project of mine to write modern-day fables for pagan children and their parents. These fables are stories told to the children of a village called Home by an elder of the village, Mother Carmika. Some are life lessons, some are an exploration of pagan celebrations and some are simply wit and wisdom.

It was my desire when I wrote these stories to make them as free from negativity as possible. They are not statements against organized religion, for instance, but rather a celebration of those who've chosen to revert to an earlier time, an earlier theology. The people of Home celebrate a God and a Goddess. They mark the High Holy days of the ancient world. They call their prayer Magick. They try to live in harmony with the world around them and eke out a meager living by sowing and reaping, hunting and gathering, giving back to the earth from which they take. Their lives are difficult and fulfilling. It is an idealized world, and probably impossible outside the pages of a book, but it is a world I dream of, and so, I've put it on paper.

I hope you'll take a moment to get to know the people of Home. I hope you'll come to love them as I do.

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