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About the Pinups

So, you're asking yourself, why does a married middle-aged chubby lady in Kansas decide to become a pinup artist? Good question, let me try to 'splain.

Since I was a young girl I have loved to draw people. To be more accurate, I've loved to draw pretty girls. Well, to be perfectly accurate, I've loved to draw pretty girls with lovely faces and beautiful hair immaculately dressed. Call it my version of "princess" passion. I was never a pretty girl and I had a chubby freckled face and my hair was thin and straight as a board and I never had the money to buy beautiful dresses, but I could draw them and dream.

As I got older - the dream changed slightly. I thought about a career designing beautiful dresses, but in the end realized that I didn't give a hoot about what fabrics hang which way or why something cut on the bias (whatever that is) is better than something which is not, or any of the myriad other details that make "fashion". I liked to do the drawings. That was what I loved. So, I kept drawing people - faces really - pretty faces, actually. And I got better and better at it.

Then one day my husband and I were sitting in a restaurant and I was feeling sad and directionless and he said, "I'll bet you'd be great at pinup art." And so, I tried it. There was one artist in particular that I admired, Vargas - and so, in the beginning, I emulated his style. I think there is still a lot of his influence in my work, but I hope that my girls are beginning to have a unique look that is all my own.

For the curious - I started drawing the girls on paper using magazine and catalog photos for "poses" - then I'd add a face and hair from my imagination. Then I'd scan the girls into the computer and use Photoshop to add color to them. Later I got a graphic tablet interface for my computer and started drawing the girls right in Photoshop. As I got better and better with the software, I discovered ways to make the girls look more the way I imagined in my head. Now, I'd venture to say, they look kind of like oil paintings except no actual paint was ever involved.

Each girl takes me between 8 and 20 hours to complete and they are usually done over several "versions" wherein I will let a painting sit in storage for a few weeks or months and then revisit her to see how she can be improved. Using this method - there are girls in my current portfolio who could be said to be in their 5th or 6th lifetime. But, of course, that's one of the real advantages of digital art - it is infinitely correctable. That is why, as my husband is fond of saying - art is never finished, someone finally takes it away from you.

I hope you enjoy viewing the pinups as much as I enjoy painting them.


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