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We are proud to present a new series of pen and ink abstractions by artist Kate Huettich entitled simply "Inklings". Each of these complex and delightful creations offer viewers an intriguing collection of images to investigate and ponder. They are a combination of well-known icons, optical illusions and simple abstractions. The artist invites her audience to dive into them and explore with their eyes the little surprises each hold. Fans of the works attest that they find something new each time they view the pieces.

Inkling: A vague idea or notion.

From the artist:

When I was in the sixth grade our teacher had us make an art project one day. The project was to scribble all over a sheet of manila paper with a dark marker and then use crayons to fill in the empty spaces with color. Although I had great fun making this project, ultimately I was disappointed with the final result because it looked messy and unstructured. Subsequently, I spent years trying to recreate the project but with more form. From that time to this I have experimented with various ways of filling a page with images. The notion came to me that if I began with some simple shape like a triangle or a circle and then filled the inside of these shapes with others that the final result would be both pleasing to the eye and interesting to the mind. It was these experiments that led to the creation of the Inklings.

As you let your eyes move over the images, you will see things that you may well recognize - a heart, a boat, a flower - and many other things that are not at all representative but may convey some pleasing rhythm. I slip in little things that are important to me or things that pop into my mind as I work. Some themes, you will find, repeat themselves in many of the works - these are things that are often on my mind. If you care to hunt, you will always find my first initial in the works and that of my husband Michael. I also try to add more than a little whimsy to the pieces, little jokes and plays on words - for this is the way my mind works.

For those who are interested in the creation process - I begin by choosing a base shape, the form upon which the rest of the drawing will rest. I fill the page with this shape, sometimes symmetrically, sometimes not. I then spend around 20 hours filling the page with the rest of the images.

At present I am only making laser reproductions of the pieces available to those interested in owning one. I find myself disinclined to part with the originals.

I hope that you enjoy the Inklings. I take great joy in making them.

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