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Kate's Impressions & Mandalas Gallery - Open All Night

Kate's Impressions & Mandalas

"; print ""; print " The Impressions and Mandalas are original works of art created traditionally with permanent ink markers, colored pencils and paint markers on 12\"x12\" colored, textured, acid-free paper. They will be signed when sold and the purchaser may choose between a front of work or a back of work signature.

Each work is absolutely unique and hand-drawn. Though tools such as ruler and protractor are used to create the grids for the Mandalas, they are not digitally corrected and so are not completely perfect - but as a representation of the world in which we live, I feel a little imperfection is warranted.

For those of you who've not heard of mandalas - they are a visual meditation tool, much like the mantra is an aural one. One might use the intricacies of the design to pull their mind from the hectic world around them into the calm inner world where meditation begins. For me, the drawing of these works is much like that. Some of my best quiet time happens while creating these works and I hope that you enjoy them and take the pleasure and peace from them that I do. The Impressions are a combination of geometric, representational and non-representational abstract. In medium they are created the same way the Mandala pieces are - but that is where the similarity ends. Rather than being orderly and cyclical, the Impressions are more chaotic in nature. If you knew me well, you might be able to tell the frame of mind I was in when each was started. They actually take longer to finish than the others because I have to recreate that frame of mind each time I sit down to work on them.

I consider the two types of work to be the same series because spiritually speaking I believe that it takes the two elements to make up our world and universe - order and chaos, introspection and extroversion, the yin and the yang. I truly hope you like these works and nothing would give me greater pleasure than having one of them speak to you at some level that made you want to make it a part of your everyday life.


Kate Huettich

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