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Little Dreamer Flower Dancers

This series combines two of my favorite beautiful things - flowers and ballet dancers. When I was a small child my mother and I would listen to two albums together - one was a story album called "Tina the Ballerina" in which a little girl realizes her dream of dancing on her toes - and the other was a collection of great works written for the ballet. Mama and I would dance around the living room together with our hands up in the air. Though I was never destined to become a prima ballerina, my love for the art form continues to this day.

Whenever I watch a beautiful dancer on the stage or hear one of those great compositions, I am reminded of my wonderful mother, Patty, and the fun we would have together. I dedicate this series to her memory and to all those little girls who dream of dancing on their toes - even if it is only in their minds.


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